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Kentucky Board of Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology

Board of Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology
Kentucky Revised Statutes

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Kentucky Revised Statutes
KRS 334A.010 Legislative purpose declared.
KRS 334A.020 Definitions for chapter.
KRS 334A.030 License required for speech-language pathology or audiology.
KRS 334A.033 License for speech-language pathology assistant -- Requirements for licensure -- Supervision requirements.
KRS 334A.035 Interim license requirement -- Exemption for public school speech-language pathologists with teacher certification in communication disorders.
KRS 334A.040 Exemptions from application of chapter.
KRS 334A.050 Qualifications of applicant for license.
KRS 334A.060 Licensure without examination.
KRS 334A.070 Board of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology -- Meetings.
KRS 334A.080 Powers and duties of the board.
KRS 334A.100 Board members -- Expenses.
KRS 334A.110 Board to employ necessary personnel.
KRS 334A.120 Revolving fund for board.
KRS 334A.122 Immunity from civil or criminal liability -- Actions to restrain or enjoin violations of chapter -- Representation of board by state and local prosecutors.
KRS 334A.130 License application -- Form -- Fee.
KRS 334A.150 License -- Board to issue -- When.
KRS 334A.160 Maximum fees prescribed for licenses.
KRS 334A.170 Renewal of licenses -- Fees.
KRS 334A.180 Licenses, causes for revocation, suspension or denial.
KRS 334A.181 Temporary licenses for speech-language pathologist, speech-language pathology assistant, and audiologist.
KRS 334A.183 Licensure requirements for speech-language pathologist.
KRS 334A.185 Licensure requirements for audiologist.
KRS 334A.187 Licensure reciprocity.
KRS 334A.189 Inactive licensure status.
KRS 334A.190 Caseload limitations for speech-language pathologists in the public schools.
KRS 334A.200 Duty of treating speech-language pathologist or audiologist utilizing telehealth to ensure patient's informed consent and maintain confidentiality -- Board to promulgate administrative regulations -- Definition of "telehealth."
KRS 334A.990 Penalty.