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Kentucky Board of Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology

Board of Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology
Continuing Education

201 KAR 17:090 states, "(1) A minimum of thirty (30) continuing education hours shall be accrued by each person holding licensure as a speech-language pathologist, speech-language pathology assistant, or audiologist during the biennial period for renewal."

"(2) A person who holds a license in both speech-language pathology and audiology shall complete a minimum of fifty (50) continuing education hours during the biennial period for renewal. This person shall obtain continuing education hours in both areas of licensure."

Below are continuing education courses approved by the board during their monthly meetings.  If you have any questions concerning these approvals, please contact the board office.


 Continuing Education Approvals

Approved Continuing Education, September 15, 2014.pdf
316 KB
Approved Continuing Education August 2014.pdf
428 KB
Approved Continuing Education, July 8, 2014.pdf
389 KB
Approved Continuing Education June 12, 2014.pdf
365 KB
Approved Continuing Education April 10, 2014.pdf
280 KB
Approved Continuing Education, March 11, 2014.pdf
235 KB
Approved Continuing Education, February 11, 2014.pdf
223 KB
Approved Continuing Education 2014.pdf
192 KB
Approved Continuing Education, December 10, 2013.pdf
343 KB
Approved Continuing Education, November 12, 2013.pdf
339 KB
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